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Our Services

Shutter Complaints
Front Shutter Complaints
Battery Low Complaints
CCD Cleaning
LCD Replacements
Card Error
Lens Error
Zoom Stuck/Error
Card Holder Complaints
Hot Shoe Complaints
Battery Lock Complaints
Lens Cleaning
Picture Not Clear
Sound Complaint
Not Firing/Missing {Flash}
No Image in LCD
A/F Not Working
Focus Out
Focussing Bulb Not Working { Flash }
Hard Disk Error {Handycam}
Focus and Recorder Button Complaint { Handycam }
CMOS Cleaning { SLR Cameras }
DV Pot Complaint { Handycam }
Flash Complaints
Absence Of Image in LCD
Eject Switch Complaints
Mirror Complaint { SLR Cameras }
Mode Dial Complaints
Click Button Complaints
Battery Stuck
Touch Screen Complaints { Handycam and Digital Cameras }
Mechanism Complaints { Handycam }
Mode Switch Assembly Complaints
Sound Complaints { Handycam }
LCD White
Telewide Complaints
Error 01,32,99 { SLR Cameras }
Battery Leakage
Main Board Replacements
On/Off Switch Assembly Complaints
F.P.C Complaints
Soft Glass Complaints { Flash }
Aperature Complaints { Flash }
Viewfinder Complaints
Code Complaints
LCD Hinge Complaints
Flash Complaints
Mound Complaints{ Lens }
Front Glass Changing { Lens }
Cassette Stuck { Handycam }
V-R Complaint { Lens }
24-70 Nano Lens Cleaning
24-70 Canon Lens Error and Cleaning
Focus Calibration
Lens collimator for Focus Alignment
Software Programmer
Flash Calibration
Canon SLR Level-3 Servicing (Warranty and Non-Warranty)
Factory Trained Technicians
Courier Facility all over India
Nikon SLR Focus Calibration
Canon SLR Focus Calibration
All Lens Cleaning