Digitek (DWM-102) Professional Wireless Microphone

  • ₹ 7,200.00
  • ₹ 10,995.00
  • Crystal Clear Audio for any type of Content Creation
  • Built in 3.7V / 1800mA Li-Poly Battery on Power Charging Compartment & Built in 3.7V / 300mA Li-Poly Battery on Host works for 12 hrs
  • DC 5V/1-2A Type C Power adapter & Built-in V 5.3 Bluetooth
  • Built-in DSP Chip- Intelligently Filter Noise, Provide Professional Full Frequency Audio Quality.
  • Plug n Play- Automatic Pairing. The signal transmission with low Latency & without interruption, suitable for Video Shooting.
  • High performance Wireless Transmission- effective up to 30 meter with 90dB sensitivity
  • Can be used with Laptop/PC/DSLR Camera/Amplifier/DV/Camcorder/Smartphone/Mixer etc.
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