Tyfy CR4- G + Card Reader

  • ₹ 500.00
  • ₹ 630.00


42-in-1 USB 2.0 Card reader USB 2.0 transfer rate up to 480 Mbps Sync and view files easily with the built-in USB adapter Pocket size, Compact, Lightweight Low power consumption

MS, MS-Magic Gate, MS-PRO Magic Gate, HS-MS-PRO Magic Gate, MS-DUO, MS- DUO Magic Gate, MS-PRO Duo, HS-MS-PRO Duo, MS-PRO Duo-PSP, MS-PRO Duo-Gaming.

Slot 2:
SD, SDC, SD-Pro, SD-Pleomax, SD-Pro C, SD-Ultra, SD-Ultra II, *SD Ultrall Plus, SD- Extreme III, SD-Ultra X, SD-Turbo, SD-Super, SD-Max, *Mini SD, *Mini SD-Pro, *Mini SD- Pleomax, MMC, MMC-Pleomax, MMC Pro, HS-MMC, MMC Plus, MMC-Plus Turbo, *RS MMC, *RS MMC Pleomax, *RS MMC-Speed, *RS MMC-Max, MMC Mobile, MMC Mobile- Pro C, MMC Mobile- Pocketnet.

Slot 3: Micro SD, T-Flash

Slot 4: M2

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