• ₹ 1,650.00
  • ₹ 2,299.00
  • ?Super Selfie Experience?Our phone selfie light has three lighting modes (bright white, bright white + warm yellow, warm yellow),with a color temperature range covering 2500K-9000K. This led phone light is controlled by knob and can be adjusted at will to perfectly meet various needs, regardless of Record videos, take selfies, use makeup lighting or live broadcast to illuminate your beauty at any time.
  • ?Make Photography Easier?Hiffin LT-001 selfie light has a high color rendering index of 95+, allowing your beauty and your perfect photo ideas to appear in their best appearance. Whether you want to record beautiful moments while traveling or pursue better selfie effects in daily life, this light for phone can bring you a good experience
  • ?Widely Compatible?This phone light clip is suitable for all smartphones, tablets and laptops.The iPhone light has 2 installation methods, which can be installed horizontally or vertically, and can be used to fill light at different angles. This selfie light for phone is perfect for selfies, zoom meetings, live streaming, makeup, artistic photography, object filling, selfie fill light, or low light situations.
  • ?Practical Gadget?The Hiffin LT-001 selfie light is an indispensable practical gadget, which is not only suitable for professionals in various fields, such as influencers, photographers, content creators, makeup artists and literary artists, but also for ordinary consumers Has great appeal. For professionals, this phone light for pictures has the ability to improve the quality of photos and videos, ensuring delicate images, providing excellent support for your creations.
  • ?Lightweight and Portable?This led light for phonet is lightweight and compact, weighing only a few grams. Whether you are at home, in the office, or on the go, you can easily put the clip on light for phone into a small handbag, backpack or pocket and carry it with you at any time, whether you are taking selfies or makeup or shorts, this portable selfie light is a great choice for you.
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