Fractal Filters Classic Prismatic Camera Filters

About this item

  • Filters for blur/prism effects. Create stunning videos and photos with Fractal Filters. Each filter is specially designed to complement your shooting subject in a way that wouldn't be possible otherwise.
  • Designed to be used at a focal length of 30mm-85mm; with an aperture of 1.4 - 5.6. Our "Ultimate Guide To Prism Photography" will teach you the best tricks for creating prismed images.
  • High quality led crystal produces a refractive index of 1.6 making your images shine even more brilliantly than typical prisms. Our crystals are micro polished using the same techniques as high-end lenses.
  • A thin profile ring (5mm) helps reduce possibility of vignetting or optical distortions at wide angles. It's mirror finish also can be used in your photos and videos to add more creative effects.
  • The perfect complement for wedding photography, videography, portraits, and more. Shoot as you would typically; take your Fractal out using our convenient carrying case for a few snaps, and continue shooting as you were

  • ₹ 10,700.00
  • ₹ 13,600.00
H&Y Filters REVORING 67-82mm Variable Adapter for 82mm Filter

Key Features

  • Size-Adjustable Adapter Ring
  • Fits 67-82mm Lens Filter Threads
  • For 82mm Screw-On Filters
  • High-Grade 6063 Aluminum Construction
  • Threaded Outer Filter Ring
  • Twist to Attach in Seconds

  • ₹ 3,200.00
  • ₹ 4,390.00
H&Y Revoring Swift Matte Box

  • Swift System (C) module
  • (C) modules MUST work with (A) and (B) altogether
  • compatible with all (B) modules like bridge ringsdrop-in filter rack, and magnetic VND filter
  • All H&Y products are made using Architectural grade Aluminum, keeping it lightweight and tough
  • Built with magnetic thread which works flawlessly with H&Y drop-in filters 
  • free from vignetting for 24mm up lenses using with RM
  • free from vignetting for 22mm up lenses using with RM-AR

  • ₹ 4,100.00
  • ₹ 5,490.00
H&Y Filters RevoRing Variable ND3-ND1000 & Circular Polarizer Filter (67-82mm)

Key Features

  • Variable ND Filter & Circular Polarizer
  • 1.5- to 10-Stop Density Adjustment
  • Size-Adjustable Adapter Ring
  • Fits 67-82mm Lens Filter Threads
  • Schott B270 Optical Glass
  • Darkens Entire Image Area
  • Multicoating & Resistance Coating
  • Twist to Attach in Seconds
  • High-Grade 6063 Aluminum Construction

  • ₹ 15,500.00
  • ₹ 19,690.00
H&Y Filters Swift Magnetic Bridge Ring for RevoRing (67-82mm)

The 67-82mm Swift Magnetic Bridge Ring for RevoRing from H&Y Filters is made to connect the Base Modules and Top Accessories in the Swift System. This variant is built with magnetic thread that can be placed on top of the magnetic clip-on filters to make the setup compatible with accessories like the Magnetic Matte Box, Magnetic Square Filter Holder, and Magnetic Collapsible Lens Hood.

  • Use 67-82mm for 46-62mm, 58-77mm, or 67-82mm Magnetic Variable Adapter
  • Use 67-82mm for all sizes of Swift Screw-on Magnetic Adapter for wide lenses
  • The 82-95mm Magnetic Variable Adapter requires the 82-95mm Magnetic Bridge Ring
  • Size sensitive for all RevoRing adapters with built-in filters (VND/CPL, CPL, and Black Mist versions)

  • ₹ 1,500.00
  • ₹ 1,990.00