VILTROX Portable HD Monitor DC-550 Pro

  • ₹ 16,500.00
  • ₹ 21,995.00
  • ?1200 Nits High Brightness High Definition?:With 1200 Nits high-brightness display screen, not afraid of bright light, high-definition monitoring. With a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, 1200:1 contrast, and 178°ultra-wide angle design, creators can enjoy high-definition image quality when monitoring from different angles.
  • ?Full HD Resolution, Reveals True Beauty?:1920*1080 high-definition resolution, every color can be delicately and accurately restored, high-definition monitoring, capturing details, and showing the real beauty.
  • ?178° Ultra-wide Viewing Angle?: The 178° ultra-wide-angle design is convenient for creators to enjoy clear picture quality when monitoring from different angles
  • ?Professional Monitoring Software?:DC-550 series has rich monitoring functions, imports 3D LUT through the SD card and helps the photographer achieve a variety of creative effects in the post-editing. In addition, it also has Parade waveform, vector graph, brightness histogram, auxiliary focus, audio column, image flip, false color, etc.
  • ?Custom 3D LUTS?: Import 3D LUT through an SD card, which is convenient for customers to use any camera Log mode to shoot and monitor, and it is also convenient to achieve a variety of creative styles in post-production.
  • ?Image Zoom Function?: Touch screen mode: Support double-finger touch screen to drag the screen to view any point details. Button mode: Physical buttons to control image size.
  • ?Settings and Touch Screen?: DC-550 Pro is a touch screen version, which covers touch screen & button settings; DC-550 is a non-touchscreen version, that only supports button settings.
  • ?Professional Color Adjustment True Color Rendering?:In accordance with the REC.709 international color standard, Viltrox DC-550 series has the built-in 3D LUT precise color reproduction without distortion or color cast, making the visual experience more natural and real than the original camera screen.


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